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Athlon drives road safety across Europe

Athlon rolls out Athlon RoadSafety, offering solutions to support the EU target of zero traffic fatalities. The fleet and mobility provider partners with experts such as SafeDrivePod, Brightmile and Drivetech.

    Being conscious of the environment is a priority for all companies, and so is traveling sustainably and safely. Road accidents and deaths are a concern across the globe and Athlon has joined forces with SafeDrivePod, Brightmile and Drivetech to pay into improving safety on the roads across Europe.

    “We are constantly working on making mobility sustainable and safe. Our new Athlon RoadSafety Program supports our customers and their drivers in getting from A to B in a safer way. Together with our customers and partners, we aim for zero emissions and zero accidents,” says Christian Schüler, CEO of Athlon.

    The benefits of using Athlon RoadSafety are two-fold: Making commercial traffic safer helps to improve road safety for everyone, and it also reduces wear and tear on fleets. Road safety is part of Athlon’s Five-Step Mobility Plan, which encompasses sustainable travel.

    “The value of making traffic safer is something we believe in, which is why it is an integral part of our Sustainability & CSR Strategy. Let’s make road safety happen together – acting today for a safer world tomorrow. We want to make sure every driver returns back safely to her or his family every day,” says Alexander Heijkamp, Sustainability & CSR Director of Athlon.

    Partnering for road safety
    Athlon brings in its capabilities as fleet and mobility provider and partners with experts such as SafeDrivePod, Brightmile and Drivetech. SafeDrivePod offers valuable driver behavior insights, minimizes distracted driving and greatly reduces emergency response times. Brightmile is an app-based solution for any smartphone, which uses the built-in sensors to give scores based on driving habits. Lastly, Drivetech is for companies that wish to do a deep dive on road safety and provide driver training, online and/or on-road.

    Focusing on safer driving reduces damages and personal impact, but also reduces costs and lowers the carbon footprint of fleets. According to Athlon’s partner Brightmile, using road safety solutions can result in 15 percent less CO2 emissions and 55 percent less damage costs.

    Athlon’s target is to lower the number of road accidents within its fleet by 25 percent by 2025 compared to 2022, and by 50 percent by 2030, and zero road fatalities by 2050.