Less business travel, more People, Planet & Profit

    Sunday, March 31, 2019

    Major companies are looking to cut business travel by 25% within the next five years. The trend is being driven by a shortage of office space and parking bays, greater demands from employees for more flexible working practices, as well as the ever-present desire to cut costs and reduce the corporate carbon footprint.

    There are several ways to achieve this target and contribute to less costs, less emissions and a better work-life balance. New technology has dramatically improved desk and home-based communication, challenging the need for many journeys.

    Another way of increasing sustainability and employee well-being while saving costs is to promote multimodality. Solutions like the Athlon MobilityCard allow employees to arrange all their business travel themselves, thereby choosing the most convenient transport means. As an employer, you manage the costs, maintain an overview and save money. The card enables staff to make use of public transport, shared bikes, and even arrange a meeting room – all within the limits set by their employer. One card, one single invoice: out with all the red tape, in with efficiency and employee satisfaction.