A customized VanLease package

GAMMA is proud to meet the need of the Do It Yourself market more successfully than anyone else in Belgium. From wooden beams to cement mixers, their customers find everything they need there. But how do they bring it home? GAMMA wanted to offer a suitable service. They found it through a close collaboration with Athlon.

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    A sizeable challenge

    GAMMA did not just want a partner who would supply a fleet of delivery vans. They wanted a lease partner that would take care of all the maintenance and servicing. They were looking for high-quality service in a packet tailored to their specific needs. GAMMA was already an Athlon customer . It was only logical to ask us for advice, a little insight and our approach to delivery-van leasing. What vehicles would be best for GAMMA clients? What would happen with maintenance and servicing? Would it be possible to minimise the involvement of the store personnel? Or would they need to undergo extensive training? How would insurance work?


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    Service for the servicing

    Our sales people responded by assembling a customised VanLease package. The vans? 86 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. They are low to the ground, so it’s easy to lift large loads into the back. They’re also easy to drive, without the need for specialised licences. Perfect for a DIYer who isn’t behind the wheel of a delivery van every day. But it’s the incredible approach to offering services—and servicing—that set the package apart from a traditional approach.



    Athlon package includes servicing, maintenance and repairs. But GAMMA is also allowed to choose which Mercedes-Benz dealer is most convenient for the servicing of each van. Plus, Athlon provides a drop-off and pick-up service and follows up every maintenance visit. Additionally, we arrange annual vehicle inspections for each of the vans and deliver replacement vehicles to the door. Finally, twice a year, Athlon runs the vehicles through mini check-ups where everything from tyre pressure and bodywork to oil, windscreen-wiper fluid and antifreeze levels are checked. Thorough cleaning and a short test drive are the icing on the cake.

    ‘This collaboration reduces the workload of both the fleet manager and the shop staff at GAMMA.’ 

    Stefan Silverans – Facilities buyer GAMMA

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    Customer focus

    With all this servicing and monitoring, there should never be any issues with any of the vans. But suppose there are questions or problems? A GAMMA store manager has a dedicated single point of contact at Athlon who will take care of everything. The idea is that GAMMA will never have to worry about the vans. This leaves them free to focus on their customers.

    And of course, whenever they might need them, these customers have convenient, safe and reliable vehicles at their service.

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    GAMMA is very happy with the way Athlon responded to the initial request. In fact, the initial four-year contract was renewed without any changes being made. Truly the sign of a happy customer.

    Are you looking for a tailormade solution that goes above and beyond expectations? Athlon will get you there.

    ‘We didn’t change a thing when renewing our four-year contract. Athlon has always provided perfect service.’

    Stefan Silverans – Facilities buyer GAMMA

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    Fast forward

    Do you like to read more, are you curious about our related solutions and cases, or would you like to find out what Athlon can do for you? 

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