Why not offer your employees everything they could possibly want? From family cars to electric cars that zip about the city, as well as access to out-of-the-box options like moving vans and convertibles for adventures on sunny days.

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    Happy employees

    Athlon Flex is the solution that lets your employees choose how they lease. Your employees are individuals. They lead different lives to each other. But mobility is always going to play an important role. They have a variety of mobility needs and expectations.

    Do your employees and drivers want freedom? Would they like to change their cars from time to time? Do you have employees who are just starting or are employed for a single project, or intrigued about the possibilities of electric drive?

    Flexibility is a choice

    "Athlon Flex helps our employees choose more flexibly. We want to facilitate our employees to be able to work pleasantly anytime and anywhere. Flex helps with this."

    Ronald Verweij - The Sourcing Company

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    The economical choice

    Would you believe Athlon Flex won’t cost any more than your regular vehicle leasing? It works with employee mobility budgets. Your employees lease a vehicle as normal. But they’ll feel encouraged to opt for more economical vehicles. 

    Why? Because anything from the budget that’s left over is free for them to use on extras such as bike racks, cars that meet them at the airport, moving vans and any other options we continually add to the list. Any budget that isn’t used up is refunded.

    Economical, flexible and simple

    The idea is simple. You swipe through the range of available vehicles until you find the one that matches your needs—your needs at that very moment. Found a match? It will be delivered to you the next day. You’re free to change the car again and again. And you don’t need to pay any extra costs to do this. In fact, you have this flexibility and freedom for the cost of an ordinary lease car and it allows employees to respond to changes in their family, living and work situations, while delivering convenience, simplicity and fun.

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    Award-winning innovation

    Crowned with an International Fleet Industry Award, Athlon Flex is the ultimate way to acknowledge the individual needs of your employees, grant them freedom and motivate them.


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    Built for business needs

    Athlon Rent is built with B2B customers in mind – for entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporates. We know how Fleet Managers run their fleets, and Athlon Rent is built to seamlessly integrate. That’s why the features our lease customers value are also available for Athlon Rent: vehicle delivery, additional drivers, and even vehicle wraps telematics are possible. We take care of your mobility. Every step of the way.

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    How can Athlon help you?

    Mobility is about moving from A to B. Is there any reason it should be more complicated than that? Let us know where you want to go. We look forward to getting you there.

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