"Flexibility is a choice"

    Ronald Verweij is the managing partner and co-owner of ‘The Sourcing Company’, a company that offers clients a pleasant cloud-based working environment.

    ‘We want to facilitate our employees to be able to work pleasantly anytime and anywhere. Athlon Flex helps with this. The app allows employees to choose from an incredible range of cars. They have more flexibility and are able to choose a car that suits them at that time.’

    Speedy service

    According to Ronald Verweij, the service is excellent.

    ‘If you make a request today, the car is at your door tomorrow,’ he says. ‘With this solution, you aren’t stuck with any particular car. After a month, you’re free to choose another one. And this Athlon Flex vision fits perfectly with our vision at The Sourcing Company!’

    Mobility vision

    This vision is based around freedom in your choice of travel. Flexible mobility is not about which car you drive to the office. It’s about creating freedom of choice in travel. You offer your employees a mobility budget, allowing them to adapt their travel to their personal situation and individual preferences.

    ‘We discovered Flex because one of our biggest cost items were our lease cars,’ says Ronald Verweij. ‘We wanted to deal with that smartly. And we realized costs are not priority number one when it comes to mobility. Our employees and their needs are. Flex finds the right balance between low costs and excellent service.’

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    A flexible mobility model that gives employees full control over their individual mobility fit to their changing lifestyle and changing mobility needs.
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    Ronald Verweij standing next to his car

    - Ronald Verweij

    The Sourcing Company