Athlon MobilityBudget by FREENOW for Business

Looking for the perfect last mile mobility solution? Athlon MobilityBudget by FREENOW for Business offers flexible and sustainable options for your employees' travel needs. The great thing is that you decide how to get there.

Athlon MobilityBudget by FREENOW for Business: Tailor-made Urban Mobility Solutions

    Tailor-made mobility for employees

    More than 70% of European employers today are planning - or have already implemented - integrated, flexible mobility policies for their employees The reason being that every employee has specific mobility needs, depending on the context (work or private) and the destination (accessible by car or by other means, such as an e-bike). More than ever there is a need for tailor-made mobility because we are all unique.

    Two industry experts joining forces

    Athlon joined forces with FREENOW for Business, the largest supplier of in-app last mile mobility services in Europe and creates Athlon MobilityBudget. “If you need to travel, choose the best mobility option for your trip,” reads the second step of our 5-step Mobility Plan, which facilitates you to make more conscious decisions about your travels making it easier to opt for sustainable mobility solutions.

    Employer benefits

    • Flexible: You can set a budget per employee in line with your mobility policy. The solution is available for all your employees irrespective if they have a company car or not.
    • Diverse: You can give your employees access to a wide range of urban mobility options: (e)-bike, e-scooter, e-step or taxi.
    • Sustainable: You’ll contribute to your company’s Sustainability & CSR strategy by supporting employees to reduce their CO2 emissions
    • Efficient: It’s a full service solution, so no administrative hassle at your end.
    • Perks: Being an Athlon customer, you’ll benefit from discounts on entry fees.
    Employer benefits of Athlon MobilityBudget

    Employee benefits

    • Flexible: You, and only you decide how to get there.
    • Diverse: A wide range of urban mobility options at your fingertips: (e)-bike, e-scooter or e-step. And if it’s really coming down with rain, just take a taxi.
    • Sustainable: Giving you the tools to choose the smartest mobility option for your trip.
    • Efficient: One app. That’s it. No hustle and bustle with administration.
    • Convenient: An intuitive user friendly app giving you immediate access to smart urban mobility options whenever and wherever you need them.
    Employee benefits of Athlon MobilityBudget

    Athlon MobilityBudget in short

    Fleet manager

    The fleet manager sets a mobility budget for each employee, also the ones without a company car. No administrative burden and a consolidated report lets you monitor your users.


    Employees use the FREENOW for Business app to choose the best and smartest urban travel option, checking the availability of the nearest means of transport, and beginning and ending the rental with a single click.


    Once finished, users pay the rental fee directly through the app using their own Mobility Budget.

    Available in the following countries

    Athlon MobilityBudget by FREENOW is currently available for customers in Germany and Italy. Users receive international access to use the app in the following European countries:

    - France
    - Germany
    - Ireland
    - Spain
    - Portugal
    - UK
    - Italy
    - Greece
    - Austria

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