Athlon Subscription: A flexible car that suits your needs

Athlon Subscription supports flexibility by giving choice of vehicle with opportunity to configure contracts and the option to cancel monthly.

    Select stock vehicles with flexible contract durations

    Company car subscriptions are one of the latest mobility trends. But what does it mean for you and your business? Easy: your drivers can now select stock vehicles that come with flexible contract durations and fit your mobility policy with Athlon subscription. Plus, there’s more flexibility and fast availability, all at a flat monthly fee. Maintenance, taxation, repairs, and insurance are all on Athlon, you only need to pay for fuel and/or charging.


    How does Athlon subscription work?

    Athlon Subscription allows you to consistently deliver flexible contracts without compromising on choice. From letting your employees take the wheel to experimenting a fleet solution temporarily: subscription’s flexibility gives you the freedom to explore your options.

    The product offers a choice of model and make from our predefined pool of vehicles. With contracts starting from minimum contract periods, you can cancel your vehicle monthly, which is perfect to manage ever-changing business needs. Athlon Subscription further offers you:

    • Flexible duration and mileage packages
    • Deductible options
    • Cancellation options
    • Extra services are part of our 360° service approach


    For whom is Athlon Subscription ideal?

    The Athlon Subscription model is currently offered in Athlon Germany. The service is ideal for companies with a user-chooser policy and companies that temporarily want to modify their fleet. Companies that have flexible contract requirements for expats and temporary employees can also benefit from Subscription. Athlon Subscription is possible for asset types from our wide pool of vehicles, including EVs and ICEs.

    What does Athlon Subscription mean for fleet managers and drivers?

    With Athlon Subscription drivers now have the freedom to choose their preferred make and model of their car from our wide pool of vehicles and configure their desired contract based on their car policy.

    For fleet managers, subscription enables them to keep the choice of the vehicles in the hands of the employees; all within the car and company policy.

    How can Athlon help you?

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