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Privacy Statement Website visitors

December 22, 2022

    Athlon Car Lease International B.V.

    We appreciate you visiting our website(s) and your interest in the products we offer.

    Protecting your personal data and your privacy is very important to us. In this Privacy Statement, we explain how we collect your personal data, what we do with it, for what purposes and on what legal basis we do so, and what rights you have on that basis. Since Athlon is part of Mercedes-Benz Group AG, we will also refer you to its Data Protection Policy EU that can be found on this website:


    This Privacy Statement on the use of our websites and the Mercedes-Benz Group AG Data Protection Policy EU do not apply to your activities on the websites of social networks or other providers that can be accessed using the links on our websites. Please read the privacy notices or privacy statements on the websites of those providers.

    "Personal data" means all information that relates to a natural person who has been or can be directly or indirectly identified.

    The terms "process" and "processing" include, but are not limited to, the collection, use, disclosure and transfer of personal data.

    Please read this Privacy Statement carefully in order for you to understand how we collect and use your personal data.

    The controller for data processing is:
    Athlon Car Lease International B.V. ("Athlon", "we" or “us”)
    Stationsplein Noord-Oost 414
    1117 CL  Schiphol, the Netherlands
    Email: dataprotection.int@athlon.com 

    We process personal data under the principle of data minimization only to the extent necessary, as permitted by applicable laws and regulations, according to our obligations.

    a) Whenever you visit our websites, we store certain information about the browser and operating system you are using, the date and time of your visit, the status of the interaction (e.g. whether you were able to access the website or received an error message), the usage of features on the website, any search phrases you entered, how often you visit individual websites, the names of the files you access, the amount of data transferred, the webpage from which you accessed our website, and the webpage you visited after visiting our website, whether by clicking links on our websites or entering a domain directly into the input field of the same tab (or window) of the browser in which you have our websites open. In addition, we store your IP address and the name of your internet service provider for seven days. This is for security reasons; in particular, to prevent and detect attacks on our websites or attempts at fraud.

    b) We only store other personal data if you provide this data, e.g. as part of a registration, contact form, chat, survey, price competition or for the execution of a contract, and even in these cases only insofar as this is permitted to us on the basis of a consent given by you or in accordance with the applicable legal provisions (see section 7).

    c) You are neither legally nor contractually obligated to share your personal information. However, certain features of our websites may depend on the sharing of personal information by you. If you do not provide your personal information in such cases, you may not be able to use those features, or they may be available with limited functionality.

    a) The personal data collected during your visit to any of our websites has the purpose to make the use of these websites as convenient as possible for you. Furthermore, it has the purpose to protect our IT systems against attacks and other unlawful activities. The legal basis for this processing activity is our legitimate interest.

    b) If you share additional information with us, for example by filling out a registration form, contact form, chat, survey, contest entry or to execute a contract with you, we will use such information for the designated purposes, purposes of customer management and, if required, for purposes of processing and billing and business transactions within the required scope in each instance. The legal basis for this processing activity is your consent.

    c) For other purposes (e.g. display of personalized content or advertising based on your usage behaviour), we and, if applicable, selected third parties, process your personal data if and to the extent you give your consent through our cookie consent management system. You will find further information and decision-making options here: Cookie Settings. The legal basis for this processing activity is your consent.

    d) In addition, we use personal data to the extent that we are legally obliged to do so (e.g., storage for the fulfilment of commercial or tax-related retention obligations, release in accordance with official or judicial orders, e.g. to a law enforcement authority). The legal basis for this processing activity is the legal obligation applicable to us.

    If you subscribe to a newsletter offered on our website, the information provided during registration for the newsletter will be used solely for the purpose of mailing the newsletter unless you consent to its use for additional purposes. You may cancel the subscription at any time by using the option to unsubscribe contained in the newsletter.

    a) Our websites may also contain an offer of third parties. If you click on such an offer, we transfer data to the respective provider to the required extent (e.g. information that you have found this offer with us and, if applicable, further information that you have already provided on our websites for this purpose).

    b) When we use social plug-ins on our websites from social networks such as Youtube, Facebook or LinkedIn, we integrate them as follows:

    • When you visit our websites, the social plug-ins are deactivated, i.e. no data is transmitted to the operators of these networks. If you want to use one of the networks, click on the respective social plug-in to establish a direct connection to the server of the respective network.
    • If you have a user account on the network and are logged in when you activate the social plug-in, the network can associate your visit to our websites with your user account. If you want to avoid this, please log out of the network before activating the social plug-in. A social network cannot associate a visit to other Athlon websites until you have activated an existing social plug-in.
    • When you activate a social plug-in, the network transfers the content that becomes available directly to your browser, which integrates it into our websites. In this situation, data transmissions can also take place that are initiated and controlled by the respective social network. Your connection to a social network, the data transfers taking place between the network and your system, and your interactions on that platform are governed solely by the privacy policies of that network.
    • The social plug-in remains active until you deactivate it or delete your cookies (see section 5.d).

    c) If you click on the link to an offer or activate a social plug-in, personal data may reach providers in countries outside the European Economic Area that, from the point of view of the European Union ("EU"), may not guarantee an "adequate level of protection" for the processing of personal data in accordance with EU standards. Please remember this fact before clicking on a link or activating a social plug-in and thereby triggering a transfer of your data.

    d) We also use qualified service providers (e.g. IT service providers, marketing agencies) to operate, optimize and secure our websites. We only pass on personal data to the latter insofar as this is necessary for the provision and use of the website and its functionalities, for the pursuit of legitimate interests, to comply with legal obligations, or insofar as you have consented thereto. You will find more information regarding recipients of personal data in our consent management system: Cookie Settings.

    a) Cookies may be used when you are visiting our websites. Technically, these are so-called HTML cookies and similar software tools such as Web/DOM Storage or Local Shared Objects (so-called "Flash cookies"), which we collectively refer to as cookies.

    b) Cookies are small files that are stored on your desktop, notebook or mobile device while you visit a website. Cookies make it possible, for example, to determine whether there has already been a connection between the device and the websites; take into account your preferred language or other settings, offer you certain functions (e.g. online shop, vehicle configurator) or recognize your usage-based interests. Cookies may also contain personal data.

    c) Whether and which cookies are used when you visit our websites depends on which areas and functions of our websites you use and whether you agree to the use of cookies that are not technically required in our Consent Management System. You will find further information and decision-making options here: Cookie Settings <add local cookie settings >

    d) The use of cookies also depends on the settings of the web browser you are using (e.g., Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox). Most web browsers are pre-set to automatically accept certain types of cookies; however, you can usually change this setting. You can delete stored cookies at any time. Web/DOM storage and local shared objects can be deleted separately. You can find out how this works in the browser or device you are using in the manual of the learner.

    e) The consent to, and rejection or deletion of, cookies are tied to the device and also to the respective web browser you use. If you use multiple devices or web browsers, you can make decisions or settings differently.

    f) If you decide against the use of cookies or delete them, you may not have access to all functions of our websites or individual functions may be limited.

    We take technical and organizational security measures in order to protect your personal data controlled by us from being tampered with, lost, destroyed or accessed by unauthorized individuals. We are continuously improving our security measures in accordance with technological advancements.

    Your IP address and the name of your internet service provider, which we store for security reasons, are deleted after seven days. Moreover, we delete your personal data as soon as the purpose for which it was collected and processed has been fulfilled. Beyond this time period, data storage only takes place to the extent made necessary by legislation, regulations or other legal provisions to which we are subject. Should it not be possible to delete data in individual cases, the relevant personal data are flagged to restrict their further processing.

    You have extensive rights regarding the processing of your personal data. Making you aware of these rights is very important to us:

    • Right to information: You have a right to information regarding the data stored with us, especially for the purpose of the processing and the duration of the data storage.
    • Right to correction of inaccurate data: You have a right to demand from us the immediate correction of your personal data, should it be inaccurate.
    • Right to deletion: You have the right to demand that we delete your personal data. The criteria allow you to demand the deletion of your personal data if we, for instance, no longer need the personal data for the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed, if we unlawfully process the data, or if you have rightfully objected to the use of your data, revoked your consent to the same or there is a legal obligation to delete. Please note that we need to retain certain information for recordkeeping purposes, to comply with other mandatory (minimum) retention periods and/or to complete transactions that began prior to requesting such change or deletion. There may also be residual information that will remain within our databases and other records, which will not be removed.
    • Right to restriction of processing: You have the right to demand a restriction of the processing of your data. This right especially applies for the duration of the review if you have disputed the accuracy of your personal data, as well as in the case that, for an existing right to deletion, you request restricted processing instead of erasure. Furthermore, there will be restricted processing if the data is no longer required for our purposes, but we still need the data in order to assert, exercise or defend legal rights, as well as if the successful assertion of an objection is in dispute between you and us.
    • Right to data portability: You have the right to receive the personal data you have provided us in a structured, common, machine-readable format from us, provided said data has not already been deleted.
    • Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority: If you feel that we are violating the data protection related laws and regulations by processing personal data about you, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, e.g. a data protection agency responsible for your place of residence, workplace or location where the alleged data protection violation occurred.

    If you wish to assert one of your rights or receive more information, please contact us via the contact details shown above.

    You have the right, for reasons arising from your specific situation, to object at any time to the processing of personal data about you. We will no longer process your personal data unless we can prove compulsory, legitimate reasons for processing that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or if the processing is required to assert, exercise or defend against legal claims.

    If you wish to object to the processing of your personal data, please contact us and/or the data protection officer. In case of an objection, however, it is possible that we will no longer be able to provide the services agreed with you or not within the agreed scope.

    Athlon reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement at any time. At the top hereof you can find the date on which this Privacy Statement was last revised. Any changes to this Privacy Statement will become effective thereafter.