Behind Athlon Interns

Discover hidden knowledge, left behind of previous interns, explore their thoughts, likes and dislikes.

If by any change you are looking to apply for an internship, this might nudge your mayhap and maybes into an absolute yes!

Behind Athlon Interns

    Behind Athlon Interns

    Here you will be able to unravel the mystery of what an internship at Athlon is like, learn how this group of creative minds come to be an intern at Athlon Sweden. And maybe, if you are lucky enough, you will discover the secret of how to turn your application into an Yes, and be the next Athlon Intern!

    Working as a Digital Marketing Intern - Kim Anderberg

    Kim Anderberg's daily work as a Digital Marketing Intern includes communication, content creation like this video, SEO, copy writing, planning, social media, and keeping a good flow throughout various projects.

    For Kim, the work-life balance at Athlon means that he can spend time on his own personal projects – including recoding a podcast with his friend Eric.

    Behind Athlon Interns Kim
    Behind Athlon Interns Sophie

    Working as a Controlling Intern - Sophie Cordes

    Sophie Cordes daily work as a Controlling Intern includes reporting, analyzing data (finding the mole), creating macros, streamlining processes and conduct weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks.

    For Sophie, the given responsibility in combination with freedom to explore new, innovated solutions, was the result of an intern-experience like no other.

    Working as a HR Intern - Ellen Nilsson

    Ellen Nilsson’s daily work as a HR Intern includes updating company databases, screening potential employees resumes and application, organizing interviews with shortlisted candidates, assisting the HR staff with various tasks, and the most paramount planning of all - the company events.

    For Ellen, the accomplishment of the internship meant that she now was a proud graduate, and ready to conquer the world of HR.

    FYI - Ellen speaks Swedish and therefore the video is in Swedish with English subtitles.

    Behind Athlon Interns Ellen

    Working as a Controlling Intern - Leonie Eich

    Meet Leonie Eich, an awesome, creative and motivated individual. "As a Controlling Intern I was responsible for Data Quality, Data reconciliation and being a shadow of the CFO, especially during the monthly closing. In addition we solved many ad-hoc requests, as well as our responsibility for creating dashboards in PowerBI, creating optimization/automations macros for Sales and Operations - In general we are more or less the experts in Excel and PowerBI. And we are also entertaining the office (laughing)".

    Click the blue button to read more about Leonie's experience as a Controlling Intern at Athlon Sweden.

    Behind Athlon Interns Leonie