Travelling abroad

Before you or your team travel outside of the UK in a fleet vehicle, you will need to let us know a few details to make sure the trip is totally covered.

Loading car in winter for holiday


    The main contact or driver will need to request a VE103B document from us in order to take any vehicle abroad. This document is a vehicle on hire document, which is a suitable substitute for the V5c whilst abroad.


    We require at least 5 working days to process and post the certificate, ensuring the document arrives with the driver before taking the vehicle abroad.


    Important to note;
    The BVRLA state that the original document must be with the vehicle at all times. Printed or scanned copies are not always accepted and can risk the vehicle being impounded or driver incurring a fine.


    If the request is received with less than 5 working days’ notice, Athlon will still provide the document however if this does not arrive in time for travel, any repercussions will be the drivers responsibility. If you would like to speak to someone, please call our customer service team.

    Tel: 0333 222 3000
    Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 08.30 - 17.00


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    Request a VE103B

    NB. The requested VE103 will be posted to this address
    Please list all countries you will be visiting or travelling through


    To prove that the vehicle has insurance when driving abroad, the driver will also need to carry a green card. These can be obtained by the driver's insurance company. It is best to request this with as much notice as possible as these can take up to six weeks for a hard copy. Some insurers now offer the option to download and print the card yourself, so it is worth checking.

    All UK insurance provides the minimum third party cover to drive in most European countries.

    Green card IS required;

    ... The rest of the world

    Green card is NOT required;

    The EU (Including Ireland)
    Bosnia and Herzegovina