Make your vehicle an asset

    Your fleet vehicles will appear as an asset on your balance sheet, without the option of ownership as you hire a vehicle for a fixed period.

    Rentals are based on the vehicle’s value over the term of your agreement, however you can choose to pay a final lump sum to reduce the regular payments. Then throughout your agreement you make regular instalments until your agreement comes to an end.

    Features include

    • Fixed regular payments means you can easily budget
    • Capital expenditure is eliminated
    • The vehicle is an asset on the balance sheet, therefore tax allowances may be deducted from taxable profits
    • Payments are not based on annual mileage
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     At the end of your agreement... you have three options


    Option 1: Extend your agreement and continue to use the vehicle for a further agreed period and pay a minimal monthly rental

    Option 2: Sell your vehicle to an independent third party. We will invoice the third party and return 95% of the sales proceeds to you

    Option 3: Return the vehicle and we will sell it on your behalf and will return 95% of the proceeds to you (minus any resale fees)

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