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    Through our partnership with Green Fleet we have conducted an extensive survey of fleet managers and relevant personnel up and down the country to help you understand the implications of clean air zones (CAZ) on your fleet.

    Why do we need CAZs?

    Vehicle emissions have been the leading cause of air pollution creating a health emergency with air quality in towns and cities decreasing. 2019 demonstrated the urgency of CAZs with 75% of UK reporting zones charting illegal levels of air pollution. CAZs have been introduced to help us combat the growing air pollution.

    Although there is a universal agreement that the issue with poor quality needs to be addressed not everyone agrees CAZs are the best way with many opting for improving public transport, EV charging and addressing congestion.

    Caz's are designed to deter highly polluting vehicles from entering the most polluted parts of towns and cities in order to improve the air quality. These cities include: London, Bath, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Oxford, Bristol, Bradford, Newcastle, Sheffield, Dundee, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow with many more places planning the implementation of CAZ over the coming years.


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    It is worth noting that 50% of our respondents did not believe they were made sufficiently aware of these implementations.

    Approximately 60% of our respondents found that CAZ requirements were not clear and rather complicated, with the four types of CAZ and vehicle classes A to D.

    Although there is no need to worry as our fleet experts here at Athlon can help you navigate these zones and also supply a vast range of vehicles capable of travelling through a CAZ with minimal or no cost.

    We strive to assist in your creation of a greener more sustainable fleet, this doesn’t mean that we will put you straight in an EV though. We will first assess and evaluate what would work best for your fleet’s needs ensuring you hit your targets.


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    What is the impact on fleets operating in CAZs?

    Through our survey we discovered that fleets with 35% of their vehicles operating within a CAZ stated that the impact on their fleet was rather big.

    • 40% of fleets cited a financial and/or an operational impact
    • 23% saw an impact on time management

    To help minimise this impact you should begin to consider lower emission vehicles such as electric or hybrids.

    Through Athlon you can rest assured that your fleet is being taken care of, we will guide you through this ever changing climate with an array of consultancy and mobility solutions to support your fleet. Get in touch with our experts today and find out how we can help you!

    To read more about our findings CLICK HERE to read the full white paper.

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