Electric Vehicle Charging Point


    In the first chapter we take a look at the e-mobility breakthrough happening now and set to continue over the next few years. Former obstacles are no longer relevant, which makes an electrified future for mobility not far off.

    In the second chapter, we outline the reasons why the electrification of company fleets is inevitable. Not only do EU targets and LEZ make EVs a smart choice, employees expect companies to strive for sustainability, as they do themselves privately. Moreover, car taxation and TCO favour cars that don’t emit CO2.

    The last chapter offers deeper analysis and a clear roadmap for companies to organise this transition. Our new consulting department can help you every step of the way. How do you modify your car policy? Which are the right electric or hybrid models? Do we integrate all these facets into the quote? Which charging infrastructure is needed at home, at the office and in public? Athlon offers drivers and fleet managers a complete solution.

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