Going electric

Is now the time to consider EV for your fleet?

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    Strong public opinion around vehicle emissions and the environmental impact combined with government legislated targets is creating a fast changing backdrop. Meaning electric vehicles could be relevant for your business now.

    There are already over 200,000 hybrid or electric vehicles on the road. In five years’ time there will be over one million. As electric performance and cutting edge technology evolve every day, the electric future offers more and more incredible possibilities.

    Join the race to carbon neutral

    In September 2023 the Government announced changes to it's road to zero plan, with the switch deadline moving from 2030 to 2035, giving businesses an extra five years to transition to electric.  

    We understand that there is a lot of information available around the benefits and considerations when it comes to electric vehicles. Athlon have created a handy guide to help get you started on your EV fleet journey, summarising the need-to-know information whilst providing the detail in the key areas.

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    More affordable

    • Lower priced EV vehicles makes them more comparable with existing petrol and diesel models
    • Reduced Vehicle Excise Duty is available for electric and hybrid vehicles
    • A full charge at home can cost as little as £3
    • Zero congestion charge


    Faster charging

    • Faster and more affordable home chargers are becoming increasingly available
    • Over 25,000 public charging points currently in the UK – rising to 100k by 2024
    • 96% of motorway services already have rapid chargers that can charge the average pure electric car to 80% in just 30 minutes
    Cross over road

    More miles per charge

    The new breed of electric vehicles can drive for over 300 miles on a single charge, helping to reduce drivers range anxiety.

    Zero emissions, zero BIK

    Pure electric company cars registered before 6th April 2020 pay zero BIK.

    This increased from 1% to 2% in 2022/23 and will remain at that level until April 2025, then increasing by 1% per annum until 2028.

    More power to you

    Athlon can make sure you take full advantage of all the benefits of including electric vehicles on your fleet. Our Fleet Consultancy looks at the whole life operating costs of vehicles alongside the specific needs of your business – we will negotiate the best rates to help you shape the most efficient, cost-effective solution.

    All this comes with a superb package of support for total peace of mind, bespoke service and maintenance, industry leading systems, future facing mobility solutions, 24-hour customer support, monthly reporting and UK call centres.

    Fast forward

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