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    Athlon RoadSafety

    Athlon is working hard to provide a safer and more sustainable future for our customers. Our RoadSafety guide provides details on our safety products, driving tips and our five-step mobility plan to help customers get from A to B. Safely!

    Athlon SalaryExchange

    Introducing a salary sacrifice scheme could help employers to improve their employee packages in a fast-moving environment where recruiting and retaining top talent is very competitive. SalaryExchange is Athlon's own low emissions salary sacrifice car scheme. This guide is a deep dive into the details of salary sacrifice car schemes, showcasing the benefits for employers and employees alike.

    Office Charging

    Are you EV ready?

    Our scheme is designed to take the weight of transitioning to EV off your shoulders, helping you to make an informed decision. Our EVReadyTool can identify an EV solution that works best for your drivers – financially and practically.

    Man Charging Electric Car

    Supporting our customers towards a fully electric future

    This guide will help you discover what the new 2035 deadline means for your fleet, how to plan for a switch to EVs and why Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is so important.

    Fleet Fitness

    Finding the right funding

    In this guide we breakdown the big six approaches to fleet finance plus some alternatives. We explore leasing vs buying and Total Cost of Ownership.


    Discovering daily rental

    This guide will help you learn more about the potential benefits rental vehicles can bring to your fleet including how renting your first EVs could be the best way to integrate them into your organisation.
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    Keeping you on the road

    This guide covers some key tips to help keep drivers on the road and delivers a range of advice aimed at keeping your business moving smoothly. Easily from A to B. Vehicles need different attention and care depending on the weather - scorching hot or freezing cold? Know how to look after your fleet with out handy guide.
    Couple driving Van

    Keeping your fleet fit

    This guide is aimed at helping you understand your fleet better and comes packed with tips on how to transform its performance, today and into the future.
    Flee Fitness
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