Embracing a new era in ESG

ESG in all its dimensions is high on the agenda at Athlon. On corporate level, the Sustainability Strategy is formalized to embed sustainable thinking throughout the company. As a fleet & mobility provider with 400,000 cars and vans traversing the roads of Europe, we are driving the energy transition of mobility forward. We have a responsibility to rethink mobility to reduce emission. Athlon’s 3 Key ESG Drivers are the basis of our Sustainability Strategy. They structure all the initiatives we take to lower our negative impact, and to enhance our positive impact on the environment, society and governance bodies.

    Mobility needs to become more flexible, safe and sustainable. What truly matters is the availability of the most appropriate sustainable mode of transport, anytime and anyplace. We are continuously increasing efforts to improve our products and services. By shaping sustainable mobility and making it a reality, we create sustainable shared value for our business, our customers, the planet, our members and all the people we connect with.

    Sustainability Impact Report

    Sustainability is a topic where actions speak louder than words. By offering our customers the tools to improve their mobility behaviour, we accelerate the transition towards smarter and more conscientious travel choices.
    Our 2023 Sustainability Impact Report showcases our progress and the milestones we’ve reached, as well as our goals for the future. In this report, we dive deeper in our 3 ESG Key Drivers Protect the Planet, Connect our Community and Steer our Impact. 

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    Protect our Planet

    We take action against climate change, support the circular economy and reduce air pollution and water use. Athlon supports its customers in shifting towards a green fleet to reduce the CO2 footprint and increase flexibility whilst managing fleet costs at the same time. We lead by example and have a clear ambition to have a 100% electric employee fleet by 2025.  

    Climate Action: We promise to promote sustainable mobility by leasing eco-friendly vehicles and reducing our own carbon footprint. This contributes to a greener and more responsible future for everyone.

    Circular Economy: We are committed to leasing products designed for longevity, reusability and resource efficiency. We aim to foster a circular and sustainable economic model for our customers and the environment.

    Air Pollution and Water Use: We prioritize lowemission vehicles in our leasing options and advocate for water-efficient car washing. This ensures a cleaner, healthier planet for generations to come.


    Connect our Community

    We aim to be a responsible inclusive employer that takes action on road safety and gives back to the community.

    Responsible Inclusive Employer: We are committed to diversity and equal opportunities. By focusing on employee wellbeing, professional development and inclusivity, we aim to set a standard for corporate responsibility and create a workplace culture that values and respects every individual.

    Road Safety: We prioritize road safety by offering tools and solutions to increase driver safety for both our employees and customers. Our goal is to contribute to a secure road environment, ensuring the wellbeing of our employees and promoting safety-conscious habits among our customers.

    Community Engagement: We actively work with local communities, using our expertise in mobility to support local initiatives and address community needs. Through collaboration, we aim to contribute positively to the wellbeing and sustainable development of the areas we serve.


    Steer our Impact

    We take accountability, apply strong business ethics, encourage our stakeholders and provide transparency.

    Business Ethics: We operate with integrity, transparency, and accountability. By promoting ethical conduct and fair business practices, we aim to build trust with our stakeholders and uphold high ethical standards in the leasing industry.

    Customer and Supplier Engagement: We actively engage with our customers and suppliers to understand their needs and build long lasting partnerships. Through open communication, we ensure mutual success, collaboration and shared growth.

    ESG Governance: We are committed to strong ESG governance practices, which means being transparent, accountable, and making responsible decisions in everything we do. Our goal is to create sustainable value for our stakeholders and contribute to a resilient
    and responsible business community.

    Corporate Governance

    Athlon developed a Declaration on the Principles of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which describes who we are as an organization, what we stand for and what our commitment is to our customers and society. It contains our commitments as well as our focus on the five most important impact areas and the connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

    Code of Conduct

    We also have our own Code of Conduct which is based on the Mercedes-Benz Integrity Code and the Mercedes-Benz Supplier Sustainability Standards which are applicable for the Athlon Group. This document guides us in how we want to do business with our customers and our suppliers. It includes principles on topics such as corruption, anti-bribery and fair competition.