Speeding up the mobility movement

Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility across all its dimensions is high on the agenda at Athlon. On corporate level, the Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is formalized to embed sustainable thinking throughout the company. With a fleet of more than 400,000 cars and vans we have a responsibility to rethink mobility to reduce emission. Our answer: electrification and more flexibility. Now is the right time to speed up the mobility movement.

    Mobility needs to become more flexible, safe and sustainable. What truly matters is the availability of the most appropriate sustainable mode of transport, anytime and anyplace. We are continuously increasing efforts to improve our products and services. By shaping sustainable mobility and making it a reality, we create sustainable shared value for our business, our customers, the planet, our members and all the people we connect with.

    Sustainability & CSR Impact Report

    Sustainability is a topic where actions speak louder than words. By offering our customers the tools to improve their mobility behaviour, we accelerate the transition towards smarter and more conscientious travel choices.
    Our 2022 Sustainability & CSR Report showcases our progress and the milestones we’ve reached, as well as our goals for the future. In this report, we're proud to highlight our efforts in five impact areas: ‘climate action’, ‘road safety’, ‘community engagement’, ‘vital people’ and ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’.

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    Climate action

    Athlon supports its customers in shifting towards a green fleet by introducing broader mobility concepts to reduce the CO2 footprint and increase flexibility whilst managing fleet costs at the same time. We lead by example and have a clear ambition to have a 100% electric employee fleet by 2025.  

    With our ‘Five step mobility plan’ we encourage our members and customers to approach every trip based on a well-defined hierarchy to rethink travel behavior on a daily basis.


    Road safety

    Thanks to our size Athlon can help to make a difference in the EU’s Vision Zero strategy. With the help of online and offline training courses and awareness campaigns, we help our customers to prevent traffic accidents and to improve the traffic safety of their members as part of being a good employer. It is our ambition to reduce the number of road accidents caused by an Athlon vehicle (accidents resulting in physical injury to the driver or a third party) to zero.



    Community engagement

    Athlon works with local and regional organizations to create partnerships in various fields which benefit the broader society. Athlon enables colleagues to spend up to two days per year volunteering, without having to take leave. Many colleagues are involved in organizing and/or participating in fundraising activities.

    Vital people

    Vitality is an integral part of our company culture. This makes us an attractive employer with high employee satisfaction. Our goal is to offer ‘work that works for our people’ and to actively help our members find a healthy work-life balance. We will start an Athlon Vitality Program in all the countries where we operate.

    Diversity, equity & inclusion

    As a company, Athlon aims to reflect society. Our goal is to be a business where a diverse range of talented people feel welcome and at home, regardless of their world view. Our main target on diversity, equity and inclusion is for all Athlon teams to reflect the local community in the country where they work. It's embedded in our recruitment process. 

    UN Sustainable Development Goals

    When it comes to business impact on society, it is important to speak a common language. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) provide such a language. The SDGs consist of seventeen goals and 169 underlying targets created to banish global problems like climate change, inequity, hunger and poverty from the world by 2030.

    Athlon links its sustainability strategy to the SDGs to be able to define its impact on society. This helps us, along with our stakeholders, to contribute to a better and more sustainable world.

    Corporate Governance

    Athlon developed a Declaration on the Principles of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which describes who we are as an organization, what we stand for and what our commitment is to our customers and society. It contains our commitments as well as our focus on the five most important impact areas and the connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

    Code of Conduct

    We also have our own Code of Conduct which is based on the Mercedes-Benz Integrity Code and the Mercedes-Benz Supplier Sustainability Standards which are applicable for the Athlon Group. This document guides us in how we want to do business with our customers and our suppliers. It includes principles on topics such as corruption, anti-bribery and fair competition.