Employee Motivation

How do you inspire your employees? And ensure their needs are met? There are plenty of ways to respond. Your mobility policy is an important one.

    Importance of employee motivation

    Why is your mobility policy an important way to respond to the wishes and needs of your employees? It's because a targeted mobility policy is about more than just choosing which car to drive. Athlon has your back.

    Smart Mobility Policy

    Are your employees interested in electric vehicles? Or do they want to avoid traffic jams by taking the train to work? What if they want to drive to the train station? Just remember that young talent is not always interested in a fixed lease car. They want to play a part in lowering CO2 emissions.

    Do you meet their needs by encouraging electric vehicles or car sharing? Or maybe bikes or scooters? Your mobility policy needs to apply to everyone to encourage a sense of unity. It’s easily done. Athlon is happy to advise you on a smart mobility policy that will please your employees.

    Freedom of choice

    When you offer your employees a modern, flexible mobility policy, you give them freedom of choice. You let them decide how to fulfil their unique, personal needs and expectations.

    Whether they relate to comfort, the effect that urbanization, traffic and the daily commute to work have on their personal energy and motivation, their perspectives on the environment or their personal living situation. With Athlon, your employees can choose the mobility solution that works best for them.

    Fast forward

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