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Road Safety

Every year there are thousands of fatalities or seriously injuries caused by accidents on EU roads and in 95% of cases, the fault lies in human error.

    Every road accident is one too many.

    Every road accident is one too many.

    As a mobility provider, we have the expertise, knowledge and understanding to make a real difference in this sphere, and we intend to keep road safety at the heart of everything we do.

    Every year there are thousands of fatalities or seriously injuries caused by accidents on EU roads and in 95% of cases, the fault lies in human error. In fact, in 2019 alone there were 22,800 fatalities.

    The good news? There were 4,000 fewer lives lost on EU roads in 2020. The bad news? That’s still far too many.

    The road to zero

    It’s our ambition to reduce the number of road accidents resulting in physical injury to the driver or a third party, caused by an Athlon vehicle. That’s why road safety is one of the main pillars of our Five-Step Mobility Plan. It is also an important part of our Sustainability & CSR strategy.

    Road accidents in 2025

    Reduced by 25% compared to 2022

    Road accidents in 2030

    Reduce by 50% compared to 2022

    Road accidents in 2050


    A shared responsibility

    Road safety is a shared responsibility and ensuring our own safety goes hand-in-hand with ensuring that of others. By joining us in our ambition to eliminate road deaths and injuries, you’re not only reducing damages and personal heartbreak, you’re also reducing your costs and lowering your fleet’s carbon footprint. It’s a win on every front. When you decide to make road safety your priority, we’re here to help. We can only do this together – working together has never been as important.

    Innovative solutions

    With over 400,000 vehicles in our fleet, we feel it's up to us to inspire others to help us make a difference when it comes to road safety. We know we need technological expertise to help us do things better. That’s why we decided to partner with highly innovative European service providers to give you access to three products

    Athlon RoadSafety by Athlon SafeDrivePod

    Athlon RoadSafety by SafeDrivePod

    A brilliant new solution to help decrease accidents caused by smartphone use, SafeDrive Pod provides insight into driving behavior, limits distraction in traffic and accelerates accident response. Measuring driving movements without using GPS, as well as shutting down the phone screen while driving, SafeDrivePod requires nothing from the driver once it’s installed and configured. Simple and safe.

    Athlon RoadSafety by BrightMile

    Athlon RoadSafety by BrightMile

    Designed to keep your drivers safe, hit your sustainability targets, and reduce business costs, BrightMile gives drivers a score for every trip they take. It can then recommend bespoke training according to each driver’s unique habits, so it’s a completely personalised experience.

    Athlon RoadSafety by Drivetech

    Athlon RoadSafety by Drivetech

    Offering fleet consultancy, driver assessment and training services in over 95 countries and in 35 languages, DriveTech can work together with you to eliminate risk for a safer world. Drivetech is for companies that wish to do a deep-dive on road safety and use a consultancy approach, for example with PULSE: a comprehensive and actionable fleet risk health check for the business community covering policies, drivers, vehicles and journeys.

    Let’s do this

    We’re excited to share these solutions with our customers, so talk to us about getting you and your fleet set up with them.

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