Total Cost of Ownership

There is an unwieldy number of questions you need to ask if you want to calculate your Total Cost of Ownership. Do you take fuel consumption into account? What tax benefits do you qualify for? Why are CO2 emissions important? 

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    The TCO puzzle

    When do you know how your fleet is doing financially? The answer may - or may not - surprise you: You only know if you have an overview of all costs. To get a total overview of the costs you spend on mobility, we look at several aspects. Monthly lease costs, fuel consumption and emissions are some examples. The term Total Cost of Ownership actually says it all: insight into the total costs of owning a car. 

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    How to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership?

    If you use the Total Cost of Ownership simulator you will save time and get insights in your fleet at the same time. The TCO simulator is quick, easy and accurate. You'll have the results in no time. An intelligent and helpful tool, proudly developed by Athlon.


    Compare the TCO of different makes and models
    Set side by side the different models and makes you're interested in and check for example the differences between the TCO of an electric car compared to a petrol or diesel engine.
    Check the breakdown of the Total Cost of Ownership of your favourite cars
    Fill in the ideal length of your lease contract and the amount of kilometres you expect to drive yearly. The TCO calculator gives you thereafter all the insights you need to see the breakdown of the costs of your favourite cars for your mobility solution
    See the comparison of TCO's in different markets
    Compare makes and models, different technologies and contract durations on a country specific level.

    Going electric?

    Is an electric fleet too expensive? The price tag on a hybrid or electric vehicle is higher than the one on an equivalent vehicle running on petrol or diesel. However, the tax benefits, reduced fuel costs, lower maintenance costs and slow depreciation are all advantages that drive your TCO down. Once you’ve factored in the benefits you receive for installing charging points, you might benefit from adding electric vehicles to your fleet.

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    Fast forward

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