The world is changing. Technology is moving forward, the gas guzzlers of yesteryear are on their way out, while electric vehicles are appearing everywhere we look. How do you navigate all these evolutions in mobility?

    Embracing the future

    These evolutions are not just a response to the excitement technology inspires or the convenience it offers. They are also inevitable. Are you unsure what your options are? Let us help. Athlon is renowned for sustainable solutions that embrace technological advances while responding to corporate, legislative and public expectations. Make sure your approach to mobility will be suitable today and tomorrow.

    Car sharing

    More and more cities are identifying as ‘Smart Cities’. They link data to technology to improve efficiency, sustainability and safety. One aspect of this is in the sharing of different items that people don't use all the time. Examples? The lawnmower you use once a week. Or the car you rarely use except for the commute to and from work.

    Of course, when you start sharing cares, you excellent way to reduce costs, cut down the number of cars on the road, free up parking spaces and blow a breath of fresh air into the discussion about pollution and CO2 emissions. And there are the benefits for you as an employer or employee. 

    Electric driving

    There is a lot to know when it comes to electric vehicles. You might think that electric cars come with a heavy price tag. But did you know about the various tax benefits, the lower costs per kilometer, low maintenance and low operating costs? Did you know it’s possible to be cost-neutral when you go electric? 

    Discover the possibilities

    Athlon is an expert in the ins and outs of electric vehicles. Find out how the maths works with our step-by-step guide to a fully electric fleet. And make sure you look into the other possibilities offered by our E-Mobility solutions.  

    Don’t think about it. Just do it

    "Because of the CO2 emissions, it didn’t feel right to drive petrol cars anymore. So I switched to a fully electric fleet. My advice? Don’t think about it. Just do it. This is the future. Don’t let assumptions from the past hold you back." Jeroen Willems – ECONNETIC

    Connecting electric car

    Legislation and legibility

    Whether it’s to take new technologies into account or to respond to climate conditions, the legislation relating to mobility is constantly updating.

    Athlon to the rescue

    Which of these changes relate to you? And what do they mean? What changes do you need to make to be sure you comply? There’s no need to exhaust yourself trying to understand the labyrinthine world of legislation. Athlon offers a simple solution that makes life easier for you. Our experts will help you understand and respond to legislation. Without the incomprehensible legalese.

    Keep on track

    Deep dive into these articles and get inspired to tackle your challenges when it comes to mobility.

    Fast forward

    Do you like to read more, are you curious about our related solutions and cases, or would you like to find out what Athlon can do for you? 

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    Overcome your mobility challenge and fulfill your goals.

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