Are you EV ready?

Our online EVReadyTool helps fleet managers, drivers and all employees determine if they are ready for a switch to an electric vehicle.

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    Introducing our EVReadyTool

    Our EVReadyTool makes the transition to EV easy by identifying the best EV solution for you and your drivers. 

    Through working with our partners at Diode we are able to provide an even greater wealth of knowledge and expertise enabling us to create personalised mobility solutions suited to your fleet needs. 

    Download our comprehensive EV Ready guide to find out more. 

    Getting you EV Ready

    Athlon's EVReadyTool provides insight for you and your drivers. We will educate, support and report throughout your transition to EV allowing us to assist in anyway required. Our complete digital toolkit assists fleet managers transitioning their fleets to electric in a more informed simple way.

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    Listen to our Head of Sales on how the EVReadyTool can support you on your road to zero ...

    We gather all relevant information from your company and drivers to determine if you are indeed EV Ready. Afterward, we offer further support by providing advice and information on how to plan the necessary infrastructure to support an EV fleet, whether for company car drivers or commercial vehicles.

    Overall, our goal is to make the transition to an EV fleet as smooth and seamless as possible, while ensuring that your company is fully prepared to take advantage of the many benefits that electric vehicles have to offer.

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    Start your EV journey today

    If you would like to benefit from our Athlon EVReadyTool, simply complete the contact form and one of our team will be in touch with more information. If you are a current Athlon customer and are thinking of making the switch to EV, contact your Account Manager and they will be happy to help!


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