Santander Leasing AB

Athlon's partner in Sweden is Santander Leasing AB.


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    Santander Leasing AB

    Santander Leasing AB is Athlon’s exclusive partner in Sweden since 2024.

    Santander Leasing AB, founded in 2004, is part of Santander Consumer Finance, and an exclusive partner of Athlon in Sweden. Santander Leasing harnesses both localized expertise and the global strength of the renowned Banco Santander group. This synergy allows Santander Leasing to offer customized mobility solutions that support the growth and aspirations of individuals and businesses alike, while also benefiting society and the environment.

    International presence

    We operate worldwide, from the snowy roads in Sweden to the sunny streets of Spain and across the ocean to the fast freeways of the USA. Thanks to our local branches and our strategic Partner Network, we know international fleet management like the back of our hands. 

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