Five-Step Mobility Plan

Every step matters in our journey to sustainable, connected and seamless mobility. 

Athlon's Five-Step Mobility Plan

    We’re here to help you think about sustainable mobility.

    The world has never been so connected, technologically advanced and focused on the future. But our planet has also never been in such a critical state.

    If we want to make a difference to protect the planet, it is crucial that we see this as a shared responsibility and act as one.

    Athlon is here to help you think about sustainable mobility.
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    Our Five-Step Mobility Plan

    Travel is still on everyone’s minds, but in recent years, we’ve been thinking more carefully about whether we travel at all. If we do, we’re looking to do it in environmentally friendly ways.

    At Athlon, we’re here to help you think about sustainable mobility. We want to help you embrace new travel habits, making smarter, more conscientious choices every step of the way.

    For each of these steps, we offer solutions that we can discuss with you in finer detail, and we can explain more about our expert partners who we’ve teamed up with. That way, our customers do not have to look for the right partner themselves - We have already done all the preliminary work. And we offer our mobility solutions internationally.

    Our Five-Step Mobility Plan can help you make smart travel decisions every time. All in all, we offer a one-stop shop for mobility, and are here to address every mobility need you might have.

    This is all part of a mind-changing way of dealing with mobility, giving our customers all the right tools.

    Athlon Five-Step Mobility Plan

    Step 1: Start by asking “Do I need to travel?”

    While technological advances like video calling have changed the world forever, there are still situations that call for time spent face-to-face, for a handshake, for a helping hand. It’s worth thinking about when you need to where and how – because there might be times that showing up over a video call might be suitable, while other times you just really need to see someone in person.

    So, before you plan your trip, consider carefully whether you need to be there in person, or whether you can save time, money and miles by connecting in other ways.

    Step One: Ask yourself, “Do I really need to travel?”

    Step 2: Choose the best mobility option for your trip.

    Still need to travel? Now it’s time to consider how to get there. Whether you’re facing a shorter or a longer journey, we can help you pick the best and most planet-friendly option for your trip. Whether that’s by bike, car, train, or plane, for instance.

    At Athlon, we like to think about what’s best for each individual journey. Perhaps you could opt for a smaller car on weekdays and a larger one during the holidays. Or you could share a car. You could even go for another Athlon solution, like a bike.

    Considering an alternative to your go-to travel style can save you money, time, effort and carbon emissions. And in the end, you can be proud of the decision you made, one that’s good for the planet as well as for your relationships with the people you planned to go and see.

    Step 2: What is the best mobility option for your specific trip?

    Step 3: Going by car? Go electric.

    If you’re traveling by car, go electric. Going electric can get you there in a way that puts the planet first. But not unimportant is also the fact that going green could be a good option in terms of cost. Did you know that the total cost of ownership of an electric vehicle is now moving closer to that of a traditional car?

    Our ambition at Athlon is to make our entire fleet CO2 emission free. As a multi-make lease company, we can help you transition to an electric vehicle. We offer many different models that are either fully or partially electric, and we can help you choose the right one for your journey.

    There’s never been a better time to upgrade your experience and go petrol-free. If you’re curious, find out more about electric cars and the joy of driving them.


    Step 3: Going by car? Go by electric car.

    Step 4: Whatever your choice. Travel safely!

    Being safe on the road is not only good for yourself, but also for the safety of others. Our drivers, passengers and fellow road-users take precedence, because we target zero road fatalities by 2050, in line with the European Union’s Vision Zero. From improving your driving technique to overcoming impulses like texting while driving, we always have our eyes on the road and we’ll help you do the same.

    In recent years, road safety has improved significantly. In Europe, we’ve seen a 17% decrease in road deaths since 2019 and a 36% decrease since 2010. The EU wants to reduce the number of road deaths to almost zero by 2050 by investing in safe road infrastructure, vehicle safety and safe driving (the Vision Zero strategy).

    The bad news? We’re not on track to meet this goal. The good news? We can be, if we all work together.

    That’s why, at Athlon, our aim is to provide road safety solutions for all our European markets using training courses and awareness campaigns to help customers prevent traffic accidents for themselves and their teams.

    We’ve partnered with three experts to bring you solutions that can improve your road safety. SafeDrivePod is a hardware solution which uses sensors and promotes no texting while driving, and BrightMile is an app-based solution for any smartphone which uses the built-in sensors to give scores based on driving habits. Lastly, Drivetech is for companies that wish to do a deep-dive on road safety and use a consultancy approach.

    Whatever your needs are, we can support you with the right solutions and partners that we’re proud to work with.


    Step 4: Whatever your choice: Stay safe and healthy!

    Step 5: Compensate your mobility CO2 footprint.


    Thinking about your carbon footprint? So is Athlon. That’s why we prefer electric vehicles that produce no emissions.

    Did you know that over 60% of the carbon emissions produced in the EU are from road vehicles? That statistic is something we’re trying to address by offering zero-emission travel solutions. Not only would this be better for the environment, but it’s also a great way to save money and travel efficiently.

    If using a vehicle with no emissions is not an option for you, consider offsetting your carbon emissions. You can do this by compensating for the emissions caused by your journey through positive action. Things like donating to pro-environment projects, such as reforestation or renewable energy sources.

    You can even look up the total emissions of your individual journey online, using a carbon calculator, and offset them accordingly. It’s the perfect way to make your journey count.

    At Athlon, we can help you think of ways to compensate your CO2 footprint – so you never have to feel like you made the wrong choice.

    Step 5: Compensate your mobility CO2 footprint.

    Why make the sustainable choice?

    Taking these factors into consideration and making choices that are greener saves you time and money.

    Most of all, it helps to make our planet a healthier, happier place, and create a community of people who take our environment into account in every decision they make. A sure way to a better world.

    It’s all part of building a better future for all of us – together.

    If you’d like to learn more about sustainable travel, our team is ready to talk you through it.

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