Navigating your way to an electric fleet

As organisations increasingly transition to an electric fleet, they realize that this means more than simply ordering an electric vehicle. This whitepaper shows how going electric can spark the rethink you need to future-proof your mobility strategy.

Electric Vehicle Whitepaper Athlon

    Why is electrification important now?

    Sustainability is on everyone’s mind. If we want to limit the impact of climate change, we need to decarbonise our economies – including our transport. The answer: electrification. That’s why governments subsidise EVs, regulations favour them, employees demand them, and corporates are increasingly enthusiastic about them – especially with electric mobility approaching (and in many cases already surpassing) cost parity with ICEs. Electric vehicles and an electric fleet can be part of this solution.


    Test case: an electric road trip

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Athlon put electrification to the test by taking an EV on a European road trip. Our Sustainability and CSR Director undertook a practical test and drove 12,000 km through Europe in an EV. As well as proving that you can easily drive electric over long distances, the drive also avoided 4.2-ton kg of CO2 emissions by not taking flights.

    Athlon Project Zero

    The challenge of charging

    On paper, driving electric is a logical choice that benefits your organisation both from a financial and a sustainability perspective. For many organisations it is already possible to transition to a fully electric fleet. While others are facing valid reasons why they haven’t made this step yet, the majority of them are held back by fear of the unknown. Take charging for instance. Clearly, the more charging points, the easier it is to drive an electric vehicle.

    Everybody is electrifying, but not everywhere in Europe at the same speed. This whitepaper provides an overview of BEVs and PHEVs on the road in key markets, and details the availability of public charging infrastructure.

    Athlon's 5-step mobility plan

    With the increase in online meetings and working from home, it’s easier than ever before to choose the way you work and travel. This saves time, money, and CO2 emissions.

    By considering your mobility needs on a daily basis, Athlon’s 5-step mobility plan makes it easy to rethink your mobility and become more aware of your habits as you make mobility choices. This change programme helps organisations to discover their employees’ specific needs. However, it is important that employers offer multiple mobility solutions, like driving an electric vehicle or e-bike, to enable employees to enjoy the full benefits of the 5-step mobility plan. Which step(s) did you take today?

    Athlon's 5-step mobility plan

    Download the whitepaper

    Our ambition is to make the switch to a full electric fleet as simple as possible. Our downloadable free whitepaper is a good place to start. Simply fill out the form below and you can directly download this valuable document.

    You will learn about:

    • The reasons why organisations need to transition to an electric fleet
    • The new mindset required for changing mobility
    • Other important topics to consider for sustainable mobility
    • And many more interesting insights.