Leading the way: Christian Wolf

Christian Wolf, Head of Customer Excellence & Digital Transformation at Athlon International, tries to lead by example. He shares his personal mottos and reminisces about the time he received a hand-written card from an anonymous colleague.

Christian Wolf

    1. How are you leading the way for customers and colleagues?

    I was raised with “treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” and that is what I try to do: lead by example! That includes leading my team around me, but also applying this into the projects and products that we deliver. The question “Would I like this project/product, if I was the customer?” is key for me.

    2. Where do you think your professional career will lead you?

    If I had a wish: I am really keen on learning and stepping out of my comfort zone, so going to work in different parts of our business and/or in other countries and cultures would be something I would look forward to.

    3. Who’s an inspiring leader to you and why?

    Simon Kjær, the captain of the Danish national soccer team showed situational awareness in a European championship 2021 game, as he was the first to recognize that Christian Eriksen needed medical support. He showed empathy toward Eriksen’s wife, and united the team, which formed a ring to protect Eriksen from the eyes of spectators and cameras. And lastly, he showed great courage to lead his team back on the field once Eriksen was out of the critical condition.

    4. What’s the kindest thing a colleague ever did for you?

    A couple of years ago, when I returned to the office, someone placed a hand-written card on my desk saying: “Christian, you are a true inspiration – your “can do” attitude is exceptional and stands out. Thank you for all you do!”. The card was not signed and for a long time, I had no clue who placed it there. But giving this appreciation for my work without disclosing the sender felt very kind and really touched me.

    5. What’s your passion outside of work?

    I like spending time with my family – especially travelling. I love hiking in the mountains and enjoy that balance between activity and nature.