Leading the way: Davina Hollants

Athlon is a hotbed for talent. And our role models deserve to be put in the spotlights! Davina Hollants, Manager of Operations at Athlon Belgium, is one of them. She believes in strong and empathetic leadership. Find out how she, and others, are leading the way.

    1. How are you leading the way for customers or colleagues?

    Empathy enables you to get the most out of people and make sure your efforts benefit both your team and your customers. I believe this is the key to true leadership. 💪

    2. Where do you think your professional career will lead you?

    I try to focus on making daily progress. After all these years, I know what’s important to me.  A healthy work-life-balance and colleagues who share the same spirit and humor!

    3. What made you join Athlon?

    No doubt Athlon’s corporate culture: transparent, respectful and a lot of emphasis on personal development.

    4. What’s the kindest thing a colleague ever did for you?

    Ha! Funny you should ask; I was just telling my colleague how much I appreciate to be asked to participate in this initiative.

    5. What’s your passion outside of work?

    I am what you would call your average soccer mom – but the peaceful type. 😉 Being a mom and manager at Athlon is actually kind of similar!