Leading the way: Martin Philips

Martin Phillips, Chief Operations Officer at Athlon UK, tells us how he went from reading books on automotive to actually becoming a leader in the field. He talks to us about authenticity, celebrating his 20th wedding anniversary with colleagues, and watching the Mercedes-Benz F1 achievements.

    1. How are you leading the way for customers and colleagues?

    To try and be as helpful as possible that we deliver for our customers and colleagues. When we work together, the sum of the parts is definitely the winning combination. With over 25 years’ fleet and motor experience, I have seen most things and can be most supportive in these interesting times, within the economy and within fleet specifically.

    2. Where do you think your professional career will lead you?

    I really like where it’s led me today. I’ve had a brilliant career in the motor industry and loved everywhere I’ve worked. All of that experience has culminated into being at Athlon UK. I like being authentic here and supporting Athlon UK as we grow.

    3. Who's an inspiring leader to you and why?

    My professional inspiration came from Lee Iacocca. He worked for Ford Motors Company and I read his autobiographies in the late eighties, early nineties, and didn’t know what to do as a career at the time. It absolutely inspired me because he made the industry sound so dynamic. The opportunities blew my mind just what the automotive industry could do as a career.

    4. What is the kindest thing a colleague ever did for you?

    One of the things that’s brought me the most joy is colleagues able to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary with me. We all work together and get on, but for people to take time out and join me in a very personal celebration gave me joy.

    5. What's your passion outside of work?

    I’m blessed with more than one. I love spending time with my family and friends, and if I can combine that with watching sports (particularly football (Southampton FC) and F1 (Mercedes, naturally)), then I’m in a very happy place.