Leading the way: Maurits Thijssen

The need for speed is something that is thrilling to Maurits Thijssen, Local Compliance Officer at Athlon Netherlands, who loves to watch sports. There are some parallels with his job, where in Compliance he constantly needs to focus on solutions. He also talks to us about why he follows multiple role models.

    1. How are you leading the way for customers and colleagues?

    We at Compliance want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. But the law is the law – we didn’t invent it, and need to make sure Athlon complies. I look at what’s possible within the framework of the law. For example, during Covid Athlon NL managed to help customers keep their vehicles for a year longer. I am proud of the way Athlon helped customers manage the crisis.

    2. Where do you think your professional career will lead you?

    No idea, and it doesn’t really matter. I don’t have a clear view of my career future – I take opportunities as they come along. Me being a Local Compliance Officer is one of those.

    Even when my job doesn’t suit me 100 percent, I try to look for tasks that give me satisfaction.

    3. Who's an inspiring leader to you and why?

    I don’t have a specific inspirational person. I look at various and several leaders and try to pick what their strong point is. I try to do what my dad did, but also Jean Pierre Vissers (General Director of Athlon Netherlands) and politicians such as Obama and Rutte, they have strong points that I try to learn from. Furthermore, football coaches such as Louis van Gaal.

    4. What is the kindest thing a colleague ever did for you?

    Years ago, I was asked on a podium and a colleague reached out her hand to help me make the step up, because she saw that I needed it.

    I am also glad that at Athlon, my visual impairment does not mean that I am treated differently.

    5. What's your passion outside of work?

    My family, and watching sports - Formula 1 is one of them I like. I like the excitement, the speed, skill of the driver. But I also watch cycling, speedskating, did some running years ago and liked the training and the excitement.