Enabling flexibility and choice with an online showroom

Athlon Subscription offers flexible rental contracts to companies and drivers. It offers plenty of choice in terms of models, engine type, length of contracts, mileage needed, and extras. To make all these possibilities tangible to drivers, Athlon created an online showroom. This showcases everything on offer in the service, and you can order your car in only 3 clicks. It’s proving popular in Germany and is set to soon expand to France.

    Flexibility is king

    “The usual car leasing contract runs from 3 to 6 years, but today you may not want that long a commitment,” explains Swar Joshi, product manager for Flexible Mobility and Athlon Subscription. “You may very well yourself have changed jobs in the last 3 years, or maybe you found you no longer needed to drive as much, or you were eager to try an EV.”

    Athlon Subscription is the answer, giving drivers and fleet managers the freedom they need to handle their ever-changing mobility requirements, with a flat monthly fee. 

    How does Athlon Subscription in Germany work?

    1. Select your make and model from a wide range.

    Filter based on fuel type, transmission type, and other options.

    2. Choose the duration of your contract.

    Pick from 6, 9, 12, and 24 months. Cancel at any time after the initial period, with a notice period of 1 month.

    3. Pick a mileage package and customize your deductible options

    Your mileage is based on houw much you plan to drive.

    The challenge

    We wanted the driver to be making the choices that work for them,” says Swar.

    The solution

    The solution was to create an online subscription showroom, to make the wide range of choice and contract flexibility of Athlon subscription clear and concrete to individual drivers. The online showroom is a streamlined portal that cleanly shows you all that Athlon subscription has to offer. “We wanted to create something as minimalistic and simple as possible” explains Swar.

    “Click three buttons, choose your options, and then send in your request. That’s all you need to do to select a car.” - Swar Joshi

    The showroom went live in February 2022. It’s an elegant and easy way for you to see and understand the full breadth of the Athlon Subscription offering, empowering you to make choices that fit your specific mobility needs. Want to try a 4WD, or maybe an EV, or see what driving a BMW is like? Just explore the showroom, make your picks, and then click and send.

    The results

    33% of vehicles ordered in the showroom were EVs - the flexibility of a subscription model is clearly giving drivers the freedom to explore greener mobility options, without having to make any long-term commitments. Overall the Athlon Subscription showroom is off to a strong start, with hundreds of drivers ordering cars on it, and thousands of visitors.

    “We’ve gotten really positive feedback from drivers on the showroom,” says Swar, “and we’re currently working on bringing it to the French market where companies and drivers are really interested in what Athlon Subscription has to offer.”

    Get in touch

    Stay updated on Athlon Subscription: keep an eye on our website for availability in your country or explore the possibilities with your Athlon representative.