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    ECONNETIC contributes with it's mobility to a greener world and sents a positive message: "Don’t think about it, just do it." With this positive message in mind, ECONNETIC and Athlon we’re determined to make this challenge into a success!

    "Thinking about switching to a fully electric fleet? Stop thinking about it, do it. This is the future. Don’t let assumptions from the past hold you back."

    Jeroen Willems - ECONNETIC


    ECONNETIC advises and guides companies and governments on the implementation of renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy. They believe it is possible to embrace sustainable energy and make fossil fuels a thing of the past. As such, it was particularly important to go electric with their fleet of 14 cars.

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    Benefits of a fully electric fleet

    ECONNETIC saw their decision to switch to a fully electric fleet as a way of showing others that it was possible. They were pleased to discover various benefits:

    The driving range of electric cars has improved greatly in recent years;
    There is no road tax to be paid on electric vehicles in the Netherlands;
    Maintenance costs are lower;
    Keeping an electric car charged is cheaper than keeping a car full of petrol or diesel;
    Over time, the investment in electric vehicles evened out, making it comparable with the TCO of a non-electric vehicle.


    Switching to an entirely electric fleet was not something that could be accomplished overnight. There were various considerations to take into account, such as the installation of charging stations at the office and adjustments to the company vehicle policy.

    It was also important to analyze the various needs and preferences of the individual employees and the company. Athlon and ECONNETIC discussed what would be suitable based on the way the cars would be used, how far they would be driven and factors such as driving pleasure and sustainability. ECONNETIC opted for Tesla cars. Athlon’s purchasing power that made the vehicles available to them at lower rates than would otherwise have been possible.

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