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Today, the typical 48-month car leasing contract no longer suits everyone. Athlon agreed and launched ChangeMyCar, a flexible leasing formula that won the 2018 International Fleet Industry Award. Fleet Europe spoke with Paul Bouwmeester, Lean Innovation Manager, Athlon.

Out of 12 candidates and 9 nominees, Athlon won the hearts and minds of the 2018 International Fleet Industry Award jury. The jury vote accounted for 70% of the result, the other 30% was in the hands of the public. The Award was presented at the 2018 Fleet Europe Summit in Barcelona.

You call ChangeMyCar “the Tinder of car leasing”. In what way is it similar?

It’s actually funny. When we pitch our product somewhere, we always ask who’s on Tinder – no one ever raises their hand. Still, we all know how it works… Basically, users log into the ChangeMyCar app and they can start swiping through all the cars that are available within their personal budget at that moment. When they find a car they like, they press the change button to order it. The next day, we come to their house and deliver the car and we take back the car you had if you already had one. Simultaneously, the fleet manager receives an email will all the details of the new vehicle. After one month or longer, you can start swiping again to pick another car and the process isrepeated. There is a one change per month limit to keep the administrative burden for fleet managers low. However, we notice people are only changing cars twice a year on average.

The International Fleet Industry Award goes to a product or service that helps fleet managers achieve their goals in terms of People, Planet and Profit. How does ChangeMyCar do that?

We wanted to address the need for flexibility and we managed to do that in all three Ps. When we look at People, we offer people flexibility when they need a different car. What’s more, our app makes changing fun, which helps make employees happy and makes you an employer of choice. In today’s market, in which young professionals are hard to get, that’s very important. For the Planet part, we help fleet owners lowering their CO2 footprint by speeding up their fleet electrification. With ChangeMyCar, people can try out an electric car and if they don’t like it, they can switch back. Alternatively, if a user wants to wait for a particular car that he knows is coming in a year or so, and he doesn’t want to start a new 4-year contract while he’s waiting, we can cover that bridge period. In terms of Profit, we help companies by allowing them to turn in a car immediately when an employee leaves the company, or at any moment after six months. No more cars sitting in the car park waiting for the contract to expire, no early termination costs.

In what markets is ChangeMyCar already available?

We’re already a commercial product in the Netherlands and we’re of course looking into bringing it to other markets as well. At the moment we only target businesses. Our smallest customer has just one car, but it still is a business contract.

Written by Benjamin Uyttebroeck - Fleet Europe

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