Returning your Athlon Vehicle?

We work closely with the BVRLA to protect drivers, fleet managers, organisations and our supplier network when an inspection takes place at the end of your contract.

Inspection and collection

    Is your vehicle coming to the end of its lease?

    If you are handing your car back 30 days prior to your  contract end date, it is likely we will need to provide you with an early termination quote before proceeding with a vehicle collection therefore please ensure you contact with your vehicle registration and current mileage.

    Please note the termination quote must be accepted before a request for collection can be made.

    Before you book your inspection and collection

    The full standards are linked below, however we have created a 9 point checklist as a starting point.

    Do you have the V5?

    If in your possession, return the V5 (within five working days) to the customer service department (address below)to avoid any unnecessary charges

    Where is the spare key?

    Have the master and spare keys available at the time of collection to avoid any charges. Unfortunately keys not available at this time cannot be accepted later

    Is your vehicle clean?

    Clean the car (inside and out) and check for any damage that could be repaired before collection

    Have you unlinked your phone?

    Delete all personal data, and if applicable, disconnect Mercedes-Me along with the SD card. If you are unable to return your SD card, please let us know as soon as possible as it will need to be replaced (RRP £550)

    Have you used chargecards?

    Unlink any personal charge cards or digital payment solutions linked to the vehicle used for toll stations, congestion-zones or parking set for automatic payment

    Do you have fuel?

    Check the fuel level is above the red line, with no warning light. EVs must display a full charge on the day of collection

    Is your MOT valid?

    Make sure the vehicle is road worthy with a valid MOT and service records are up-to-date and accessible

    Are your tyres road worthy?

    Check tyre tread is road legal and there are no red warning lights

    Do you have your accessories?

    Gather all accessories and extras that were supplied with the vehicle including the relevant manuals and details of radio and keycodes – don't forget the parcel shelf, charging cables and floor mats!

    Things to consider before requesting a collection

    - Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the BVRLA return standards to make sure you are not surprised at the point of the inspection

    - Check that your vehicle will have valid MOT and road tax on date of collection

    - Check and clear all warning lights (amber or red)

    - Check all tyres are legally roadworthy

    - If your vehicle is electric, please ensure you have a full charge


    Any Cancellations or amendments MUST be notified before 12 noon 24 hours prior to collection or there will be an aborted fee of £179.76 +vat.

    To discuss your collection or inspection please contact our customer service team, Monday - Friday 08:30am – 17:00pm.

    T : 0333 222 3000

    E :



    For collection confirmation and information
    Addresses without a postcode will be rejected
    We require a minimum of five working days’ notice, please select up to 3 options.

    Other things to consider

    • Your contract will continue up until the point of collection
    • You, or your representative, will need to be present to sign, date and time stamp the vehicle inspection report
    • Where a vehicle is returned in a condition outside of the BVRLA fair wear and tear standards, you may be recharged for the cost of any rectification work, this also includes outstanding warranty or recall items
    • If it is not possible to carry out a complete inspection at the time of collection, this will be noted on the vehicle inspection report and a full inspection will be carried out at the vehicle storage compound
    • Cherished plates need to be removed before collection. If you are unable to facilitate this, we can help but please note that this process can take up to 8 weeks with the DVLA
    • Our collection agents reserve the right to refuse the collection if they feel the vehicle is not roadworthy
    • Any accessories (or equipment that has been screwed in) will need to be removed and any damage restored
    • If the vehicle is not ready at the time of collection, it may result in an aborted collection


    Wear & Tear - Cars

    We work closely with the BVRLA to assess all vehicles against the current BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear standards.

    Please refer to Athlon's Car BVRLA Wear & Tear Guide, linked below, for more information.

    Wear & Tear - Vans

    There are specific requirements for vans, when assessing for Wear & Tear.

    Please refer to Athlon's Van BVRLA Wear & Tear Guide, linked below, for more information.

    0333 222 3000

    Call us

    Arrange your inspection & collection directly with us, at a convenient time or date for you by calling our team today - remember to have your registration details to hand when booking.