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    Our experts have put together a handy guide to simplify the Salary Sacrifice scheme - how it works, the benefits and how Athlon SalaryExchange can help you and your fleet move forward.

    A sacrifice worth making

    Athlon SalaryExchange is our low emissions salary sacrifice scheme, helping you and your drivers obtain the right vehicle through more affordable options. 

    Our SalaryExchange scheme provides a comfortable transition to a low-emission vehicle with an array of bespoke deals available to ensure the package suits your business.  

    Did you know ...

    The benefits for both employers and employees when implementing a salary sacrifice product are vast. From tax savings to employee retention salary sacrifice really does deliver. 

    With Athlon SalaryExchange you will have access to an array of low emission vehicles including EV's, a team of experts ready and waiting to help and a multitude of finance and maintenance options tailored to suit your fleet needs. 

    What makes Athlon's SalaryExchange unique?

    Listen to our Head of Sales Support, Richard Dainty as he highlights how Athlon differs from other providers with our personal touch. 

    Our consultative approach works alongside our salary sacrifice scheme to ensure our solution suits your organisation and employees so you can reap the benefits. 


    What makes Athlon's SalaryExchange unique?
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