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    Here at Athlon we strive in getting the best solution for your fleet, offering our specialist expertise and  tailored guidance along the way. Through working in partnership with the team at Public Sector Executive we have been able to explore how to best assist local authorities in their shift towards adopting electric vehicles (EV) into their fleet.

    We understand that the needs of and expectations of public sector vehicles are changing, which is why we are here to help you meet your targets by providing the information required to make informed decision about your new EVs.

    Although previously this move towards EV might have seemed daunting it no longer needs to be. There has been a rapid development to the infrastructure and technology available allowing more and more companies to choose an EV without previous worries. This is possible as concerns over battery life, range and charging being met by the advancements. At Athlon we help our customers to feel more secure in their journey to EV by keeping fleet managers and drivers up to date and knowledgeable on any changes to legislation, guidance and grants that might affect them. Our specialist team is always happy and ready to help with queries and concerns you may have on your journey.

    Kevin Dolan our public sector expert here at Athlon UK explains

    “ The main priority for not just public sector fleets, but all fleets, to consider is the transition to electric vehicles. If you think the average change cycle of a public sector fleet is probably four years, then 2035 is only a few change cycles away.”

    “For us, that means we need to help and guide [the public sector] for the switch to electric vehicles. We need to help the fleet managers with their considerations, around workforce infrastructure and how it is going to work.”

    “We see some people thinking 2035 is ages away but in reality, when it comes down to it, it is not.”

    Kevin Dolan - Public Sector Specialist

    Here at Athlon we are dedicated to getting the right vehicle to you!

    Our public sector team takes seriously their duty to deliver efficient and thought out EV adoption throughout your fleet, but not at the expense of a high quality service. Every year we see the swift advancements of electric vehicle technology enabling them to better compete with your traditional internal combustion engine (ICE).

    To find out more and begin moving towards your future public sector fleet contact our public sector expert Kevin Dolan today!

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