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We collaboratively support our customers in ensuring the safety of their drivers on the road, while simultaneously assisting them in achieving sustainability goals and minimising business expenses.

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    Committed to road safety

    As a fleet expert and mobility provider, we are serious about all aspects of road safety. Our knowledge and experience allow us to prioritise road safety for our customers - and the wider community. By promoting safer practices in commercial traffic, we aim to improve road safety and reduce vehicle maintenance needs for all of our customers.

    Join us, and make a difference to your employees with Athlon RoadSafety - open to all fleets.

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    Athlon is working hard to provide a safer and more sustainable future for our customers. Our RoadSafety guide provides details on our safety products, driving tips and our five-step mobility plan to help customers get from A to B. Safely!

    How can Athlon RoadSafety help your business and fleet?

    We help to reduce your carbon footprint by lowering fleets fuel consumption

    Lower your fleet collision insurance claim value and occurrence through Athlon RoadSafety

    Effectively reduce your fleets downtime and keep your drivers on the road

    Reduce indirect costs, fuel and insurance claims of your fleet

    We get your employees to their destination safely even if they don't have a company car or van 

    By educating your drivers in all things road safety you can help protect your fleet and drivers 


    Use this app-based solution to access an enterprise-grade, turnkey risk management solution for your business. Our advanced system utilizes AI, smartphone sensors, and gamification strategies to analyse and improve work-related driver behaviour in real-time. With GPS support, we monitor and penalize phone use while driving, while also providing weekly personal updates, tailored e-learning, and a Fleet Management Portal for comprehensive oversight. Get real-time driving data and incentivizes safe and sustainable driving. Take control of your fleet's safety with our app-based solution.


    Drivetech is equipped with the knowledge and resources to enhance driver safety, optimise fleet running costs, and ensure compliance with legal obligations and duty of care responsibilities. Through this solution your business can achieve the following benefits:

    • Save lives by improving employee safety on the road
    • Reduce costs associated with accidents and vehicle maintenance
    • Mitigate risk and protect your business from potential liabilities
    • Educate drivers through customized coaching and training programs

    Drivetech assesses and consults with your business to create an effective action plan tailored to your road safety needs. They provide coaching, training, and ongoing monitoring with recommendations for improvement. Trust Drivetech to help your business meet its road safety goals and achieve optimal results.


    Introducing SafeDrivePod - a hardware-based solution that enhances driver safety and minimises distracted driving. This compact sensor pack is easy to install within the car, and does not use GPS. SafeDrivePod offers two distinct products that can be used independently or together.

    SafeDriveFocus - This hardware-based solution eliminates phone use while driving by activating a "black-out" screen. This ensures that hands-free solutions like Apple Carplay and Android Auto are still available.

    SafeDriveMotion - This feature uses on-device processing of data via a smartphone app and a small sensor pack installed in the car. It provides personalised driver scoring and allows fleet managers to keep track of driver behaviour using a Fleet Management Portal. SafeDriveMotion also has gamification elements to encourage safer driving practices.

    Choose SafeDrivePod to access valuable driver behaviour insights, minimise distracted driving, and improve road safety.

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