Return Vehicle Form

When you fill in this form, you take the first step in returning your vehicle to us. We take care of all the heavy lifting - from transport to testing and finally selling. But remember, as a driver or fleet manager, it is your personal responsibility to ensure that this form is submitted when the vehicle is due to be returned.

    Vehicle Return

    How to Return Your Car:

    You have the option to return your car conveniently at the dealership where you'll be picking up your new vehicle. If your new car is being delivered directly to you, just let us know, and we'll facilitate the return of your existing vehicle.

    In cases where you're not acquiring a new car but need to return your current one, you can drop it off at your nearest authorized dealership. However, it’s advisable to confirm with them beforehand as they may not always be equipped to handle returns.

    Alternatively, if it's more convenient, you can leave the car at a pre-agreed location, like your workplace parking lot. Simply leave the keys and any related documentation at the reception, and inform us so we can arrange for its collection.


    Final Inspection and Vehicle Condition Check:

    Post-return, your car will undergo a thorough final inspection conducted by an independent evaluator to assess its condition. Should you wish to be present during this inspection, please contact us at for arrangements.

    This inspection considers normal wear and tear, accounting for minor imperfections like small marks or scratches. Please note, significant damages could incur additional costs. To prevent charges for any missing items or insurance-covered damages, we recommend adhering to our return guidelines closely.

    Addressing Potential Damages:

    • Scratches: These are identified as noticeable alterations in the paintwork, deep enough to be felt with a nail and which cannot be remedied by polishing.
    • Dents: Any visible changes to the car's bodywork.
    • Other Damages: These include issues resulting from aftermarket installations, stone chips, cracked windows, damaged trims or interiors, scuffed rims, etc.

    For a worry-free return process, addressing these damages beforehand is highly advisable.

    1. Your Details

    2. The Driver & Vehicle

    3. Return Location

    4. Equipment and Accessories

    NOTE! If the wheels are not in the vehicle, Athlon will charge the company for a new set of wheels or, alternatively, for shipping costs if tire storage is available.
    At the time of return, the vehicle should be thoroughly washed and cleaned, both inside and out. A clean car facilitates the inspection and can prevent possible additional charges.
    Please note that if charging or fueling is not completed, you will incur charges for charging, fuel, waiting time, and transport.

    5. Visible Damages

    Please specify any damages to the vehicle in the field below. After return, Athlon will conduct a full inspection. Damages that need to be repaired will be fixed according to the guidelines in Athlon's Return Guide. Note that costs for repairs will be invoiced to the specified cost center of the customer.

    Damages not reported to the respective insurance company and not repaired before the vehicle's return will be charged to the driver/company. This can be more expensive than the deductible.
    Accepted file formats for upload are: PDF, PNG, and JPG.

    6. Specify the Return Date

    Please note that transportation is scheduled based on the specified return date. The lead time for pickup is typically 10 to 15 business days. While we cannot provide an exact pickup date and time, our team will contact you 1 to 2 days in advance. Additionally, any fuel cards for the vehicle should be deactivated on the same day the vehicle is returned.