Athlon BikeLease

Why you can't do without this 

  • Your company will be noticeably greener.
  • Your staff members will be pedalling their way to better health!
  • Your costs are more than completely tax deductible.
  • Choose from a wide range of folding and city bikes to mountain bikes – whether electric or not – as well as speed pedelecs and cargo bikes.
  • Includes insurance, maintenance and breakdown assistance.

Company bike with full service contract

With a leased bike, your staff members will pedal themselves to better health. And you’ll reduce your ecological footprint. After all, every journey made by bike is one less made by car. And sometimes the bike is even faster. Your staff members can decide for themselves whether to leave the car at home, based on the specific situation. Even on a fiscal level, the company bike delivers you and your staff members nothing but benefits. Depending on the type of lease bike, costs start from 30 euro per month, all inclusive (excl. VAT in 48 months). Environmentally friendly, healthy and efficient!

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With Athlon BikeLease, you get an all-inclusive treatment: insurance, maintenance and breakdown assistance.

Tax benefits

Even the taxman wants to encourage you and your employees to invest in company bikes:

  • The costs of lease bikes, new bike stalls, changing rooms and showers are 120% tax deductible.
  • You don’t pay any employer contributions for the mileage allowance you give to your employees.
  • Your staff members can receive 23 cents per kilometer for their commuter traffic by bike. It’s entirely tax-free, just like their bikes when also used for trips to and from work.


You’ll receive a transparent price for Athlon BikeLease, with all services included:
– The company bike is insured for as long as the contract runs.
– Your company bikes are serviced and refurbished two times a year at a Ctec point.
Breakdown assistance
– Your staff members can count on Ctec Assistance at any time. If a lease bike can’t be repaired on site, your staff member will be given a lift back home.